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YISENNI wall coating The Perfect Combination of Art and Product

The Perfect Combination of Art and Product


The brush of art outlines beautiful home, and the product features have brought the enjoyment of life, which are the perfect interpretation of the artist house furnishings. The so called art offers luster for the products, and provides the product of “Admire” with more aesthetically artistic temperament, and it energizes the newer vitality to the brand “Admire”.


Both of the two are not only against with each other, but also in mutual unify, forming the interdependent relationships of the complementary yin and yang, setting off with each other, live in you, you love in me.


Product A(art): plaster Cornices


One kind of decorative materials

plaster Cornices


The plaster Cornices is one of the popular decorative materials in home decor, it could be with a variety of patterns, practical and beautiful with cheap price, it is fireproof, moisture-proof, cold insulation, sound insulation, thermal insulation, and it can play the effect of luxurious decoration. Although, art has brought the luxurious effect to decoration, other materials in surrounding areas should also be subject to the so called luxury in order to better highlight the luxurious characteristics, and it is also essential for setting off with each other.



Product B (product) wallcovering

One kind of decorative materials

plaster Cornices and wallcovering

Wall coating was launched when it had required the environmental protection of the living environment of the 21st century, and it is mainly the wall decoration material with the environmental performance. Its color is dazzling and colorful with silk-like luster and texture. It has the features of noise insulation, moisture-proof as well as seamless repair and so on. It demonstrates the luster of the product from different angles under the perfect surrounding of the light. Similarly, if the wall clothing was only used on a single wall surface, its impression is not sufficient enough to demonstrate its decorative effect.







The luxurious, elegant, classical, modern plaster Cornices as well as the satin-like and delicate touch feeling is setting off each other with the gloss, luxurious, elegant, modern and personalized wall coating. They are in mutual complements as well as beneficial to each other. It displays simple yet luxurious decorative effect by the combination of both products.

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