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YISENNI Wall Coating-New interior wall coating for your house

YISENNI wall coating

YISENNI wallgrace

YISENNI Wall Coating

Product name: YISENNI Wall Coating


Applications Scope: interior wall decoration

It can not only be used for the decoration of houses but also the public decoration, such as TV backdrop, parlor, bedroom, study, corridor, hotel rooms, KTV rooms, hotel lobby, hotel parlor, image wall for beauty parlor, clothing store decoration, gyms, cafes and opera, etc.


Composition materials: wood fiber, cotton fiber, paper pulp, laser sequins, mineral pieces, etc


Packing details:

Outer packing: corrugated carton

Inner packing: PE plastic bag

A:1000g/bag, 12 bags/carton

CTN Size:70CM*30CM*30CM

B:700g/bag, 24 bags/carton

CTN Size:70CM*30CM*38CM

1 kgcover 4-5 square meters on the wall.


Features: excellent environmental performance, flexible texture, thick silk-like luster, thermal insulation, seamless repair, and moisture-proof


In a word: Using YISENNI Wall Coating will leave you an unexpected decorative effect. Green! Healthy! Fashion! Elegance! Unique!


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