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YISENNI Wall Coating extends life for your interior wall decoration

Professional Manufacturer wall coating we are .An exciting alternative to paint or wallpaper for interior decorating or renovating, made from wool and cotton fibers, YISENNI Liquid wallpaper is a decorative materials which is applied to interior walls, it can not only be used for the decoration of houses but also the public decoration, such as TV backdrop, parlor, bedroom, study, corridor, hotel rooms, KTV rooms, hotel lobby, hotel parlor, hotel parlor, image wall for beauty parlor, clothing store decoration, gyms, cages and opera, etc. It’s made from a combination of natural materials including cotton fiber, wood fiber, paper pulp, laser sequins and mineral pieces, etc.

Environmentally friendly, no mess, easy water cleanup, no pattern matching or less, removable to original finish, flexible cover for crack, no seams, one step finish.

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