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YISENNI beautiful new design hot sale wall coating for interior decor

YISENNI beautiful new design hot sale wall coating for interior decor

Products Description:

Description  YISENNI beautiful new design hot sale wall coating for interior decor
Model  II-251
Brand YISENNI Wall Coating
Material Textile Fiber, Cotton, Gum and other nature elements
Function Environmentalfriendly,Anti-static(will not attract dust)Good breath,Heat-insulation,Soundproof, FireproofNo cracking,No Alice
Usage Household,Entertainment,Commerce ,Administration
Surface coverage 1kg can cover 4~5 square meter
Drying time 12 – 48 hours (Depends on the temperature and humidity)
Packaging 1.One kg per PE bag ( also have 650g/bag, 10kg/bag, 20kg/bag)2.Carton size: 70*30*38cm ( 16bags/carton)55*40*50cm (20bags/carton)

3.PE bags and carton size welcome customized

Style Modern, Countryside, Golden, Colorful etc
Warranty 10 years no fade(No human damage)

Finished effect


II-251 (3)

II-251 (2)

Raw material

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Compared with Traditional Wall Coating

Yisenni Silk Wall Coating VS Other Decoration Materials
Performance Attributes Yisenni Silk Wall Coating Ordinary Wall Coating Venetian Plaster Paint
Natural, ECO material × × ×
No Odour × ×
No Cracks, Elastic × ×
Partial Repairing × × ×
No Joints ×
Do it Yourself ×
Extra Sound & Heat Insulation × × ×
Applicable for Relief Surface: Columns Pillars, Arches ×
Hide Uneven Surface × × ×

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l Question: Why is it natural?

Answer: Because all the components extracted from nature

l Question: How does it last longer than paints and wallpapers?

Answer: Wallpapers come off the wall in some places such as seam and joint points. Using paints you can face cracks and color changing. But with Yisenni Silk Wallpaper nothing will happen.

l Question: How Yisenni Silk Wall Coating is easy to repair?
Answer:Unlike paint you have repaint aging whole surface also wallpapers you have to do the whole sheet aging which is difficult to do specially if the damage area is small and the damaged are will appear after repairing it Yisenni Silk Wallpaper allows you to repair any spot big or small and no different will appear

l Question: How Yisenni Silk Wall Coating will reduce the work time & effort?

Answer: Because it does not take time in the installation, maintenance, and does not require an expert or specialist to apply it any person can do it

l Question: Why Yisenni Silk Wall Coating doesn’t need to be cleaned?

Answer: Because the material included anti-static additives that create a repulsive electrical charge, which prevents the sedimentation of dust and dirt on the walls

l Question: Why do you call Yisenni Silk Wall Coating “clean” product?

Answer; Yisenni Silk Wallpaper will not leave any stain in the floor and will not stuck in your hand like other paints, also it will not pollute your working area

l Question: Why is it odorless material? (Without smell)

Answer: Yisenni Silk Wall Coating doesn’t require any solvent or chemical material to be mix with it, also because it’s all natural extract materials

l Question: What do you mean DIY product? (DO-IT-YOURSELF)

Answer: Because it sample only mix it with water and trowel it on the wall. No need to have experience or knowledge in painting

l Question: Can Yisenni Silk Wall Coating be removed? How?

Answer: Yes it can be removed simply by spraying it by large amount of water than scratch it off

l Question: How many square meters can each bag cover?

Answer: Depend on the model can covers from 4 to 5 square meters as thickness 1-2mm

l Question: Where can I read the instruction?

Each pack of our product has a detailed instruction on it (it can also be found in our website ).

l Question: Can Yisenni Silk Wall Coating be applied in thicker layers?

Answer: Theoretically it can, but keep in mind that if you apply fluid wall-paper in thicker layers material consumption increases. Mind you that you use a pack for an area of 4 square meters with 1 mm layer thickness. Respectively applying 2 mm thick layers you use a pack for only 2 square meters.

l Question: What kind of room can decorative plaster be applied in?

Answer: It can be applied practically in any room. We do not recommend to apply it in rooms of high humidity (in bathrooms, for example).

l Question: How enduring is Yisenni Silk Wall Coating?

Answer: Plaster service life depends on your decision to change it because you’ve got bored. In contrast to traditional wall-paper which has juncture decorative plaster has no such thing and the problem of getting unglued is done with.

l Question: Can the material be scratched or bit by a pet?

Answer: Naturally it is possible, but to remove the defect you only need to water the scratches and smooth them with a finger.

l Question: Which types of decorative plaster are used more often in living areas, in bedrooms for instance?

Answer: For living areas they choose more frequently types with higher silk content due to their softness in touch: silk serial, impression serial, plaster serial.

l Question: If we wish to change interior, is it possible to apply a new type of decorative plaster on top of the old one.

Answer: Yes. If the old surface has no dirt on it, it will do to apply water-emulsion paint over the old surface and start applying another type.

l Question: Can Yisenni Silk Wall Coating be applied in a nursery room, is it harmful to children?

Answer: The material is completely harmless, it has stood all tests and is hygienically certified.



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