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YISENNI artistic liquid cotton fiber material wall coating

YISENNI artistic liquid cotton fiber material wall coating

Products Description

Description  YISENNI artistic liquid cotton fiber material wall coating
Model  RT-404
Brand YISENNI Wall Coating
Material Textile Fiber, Cotton, Gum and other nature elements
Function Environmentalfriendly,Anti-static(will not attract dust)Good breath,Heat-insulation,Soundproof, Fireproof

No cracking,No Alice

Usage Household,Entertainment,Commerce ,Administration
Surface coverage 1kg can cover 4~5 square meter
Drying time 12 – 48 hours (Depends on the temperature and humidity)
Packaging 1.One kg per PE bag ( also have 650g/bag, 10kg/bag, 20kg/bag)2.Carton size: 70*30*38cm ( 16bags/carton)

55*40*50cm (20bags/carton)

3.PE bags and carton size welcome customized

Style Modern, Countryside, Golden, Colorful etc
Warranty 10 years no fade(No human damage)

Finished effect


RT-404 (2)

RT-404 (3)

Raw Material

Raw material.jpg

Compared with Traditional Wall Coating

Yisenni Silk Wall Coating VS Other Decoration Materials
Performance Attributes Yisenni Silk Wall Coating Ordinary Wall Coating Venetian Plaster Paint
Natural, ECO material × × ×
No Odour × ×
No Cracks, Elastic × ×
Partial Repairing × × ×
No Joints ×
Do it Yourself ×
Extra Sound & Heat Insulation × × ×
Applicable for Relief Surface: Columns Pillars, Arches ×
Hide Uneven Surface × × ×

Benefits and Features:
1- DIY product, quick and easy apply
2- Natural Material
3- Seamless covering, flexible
4- Hide uneven, faded walls
5- Ready to use, repairable, long lasting
6- Easy to Handle
7- Antistatic, heat insulation, sound insulation
8- One step finishing
9- Control moisture in the room
10- Allow walls to breath
11- No limits to Design or creativity
12- Inflammable material
13- No costly tools needed for applying
14- No waste
15- Work break is Possible
16- Odorless product
17- Cover small hole and crack
18- Color fastness
19- Smooth rough surfaces
20- Zero VOC’s
21- Inexpensive & Reasonable price

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