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What a novel interior wall covering material !! – take a brief to look !!

Get bored by the traditional wall paint?


Here’s a new style fashionable environmentally product-YISENNI Artistic Coating.


YISENNI Artistic Coating is made from wood fiber, cotton fiber, paper pulp, etc.


wall coating

YISENNI Artistic Coating is mainly used to interior wall decoration.


YISENNI wall coating

YISENNI wall coating

Just add water to the raw material and mix thoroughly. After 1 to 2 hours, use the special Wall Coating tool to uniformly apply the mixture to the wall.


1kg per bag, and 1 bag can cover 4-5 square meters.


Excellent environmental performance,

Flexible texture,

Thick silk-like luster,

Thermal insulation,

Seamless repair,



What a perfect products!

Come on! It’s time to change your home decorative style.

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