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We manufacture various types of Italy Green fashion wall decoration materials

Huanwei Decorative Materials Co., Ltd

Address: Pingpu Industrial sanxiang Town,Zhongshan City, Guangdong province, China

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We are manufacturer who specialized in a new interior wall decorative material called Artistic Coating. Our brand is YISENNI. We have researched more than 100 types of colorful product so far. The details for YISENNI Artistic Coating are as follows:

Product’s name: YISENNI Artistic Coating

Applications Scope: interior wall decoration
It can not only be used for the decoration of houses but also the public decoration, such as TV backdrop, parlor, bedroom, study, corridor, hotel rooms, KTV rooms, hotel lobby, hotel parlor, image wall for beauty parlor, clothing store decoration, gyms, cafes and opera, etc.

Composition materials: wood fiber, cotton fiber, paper pulp, laser sequins, mineral pieces, etc


1, YISENNI Wall Coating contains no heavy metals, chemical contamina

nts or solvents, and produces no chemical vapours during mixing or application. It is safe for both the environment and human contact. If YISENNI wall coating is applied to your wall or ceiling, it is easy to operate and will not release any sediments.

2, YISENNI Wall Coating has no shedding, no crack and seamless decoration, it can be applied easily not only the new walls but also

the renovation.

3, YISENNI Wall Coating is soundproof and moisture-retentive can diffuse the sound waves and control air humidity.


ll Coating is antistatic and not easy to get dirty, dust can be wiped with a duster. If the YISENNI wall coating has serious pollution, we can repair it with the remaining materials and it is seamless!

5, YISENNI Wall Coating is a long lasting and durable materials.

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