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Simple Construction of YISENNI-wallcoating—decoration your lovly home by your heart

Lovly simple construction wall covering YISENI-Wall Coating is a water-based products, and need 24-48 hours dry to prevent some of poor construction penetrate the stains outside wall (such as the Pan-base, crystalline salt, rust, etc.), the new wall must be fully dry .  Unpainted wood or metal parts should be brushing white oil paint to seal.

New wall :

1.We should deal with the wall surface before construction. Make it smooth and dry. Cover the wall with anti-alkaline prima one or two times. After that , we can construction on the wall.

2.Put XUANSE wall coating into huge plastic container . add the clean water , mix it uniform. And immerse it about 1-2 hours.

3. After wall coating immerse, mix XUANSE coating again before construction . Keep it without agglomeration.

living room with wall coating

living room with wall coating


4.Use the plastic batch cuter or hands put XUANSE wall coating materials on the wall. Then use the special roller make it uniform. During the construction, pay attention on direction and uniform. Control the thickness in 1-2mm

5.Use plastic batch cutter deal with the edge of the Conner. Keep the wall coating smooth.

6. 24-48hours after construction. When the wall coating dry, then finish .


The Old wal1:


1, the old wall with brush white paint over if the base wall is solid and clean, no dust and no shed which can be used directly.

2, moldy walls should use blade to root out and grinding with sandpaper to remove mold track, and then use the appropriate water to brush mildew again, and promptly washed with water until the dry, sealed with white mold, and anti-base primer.

artistic silk plasterTop Wall

To prevent the top of the suction blister, it should use a high-quality waterproof putty or oily putty to handle top wall.


DIY drawing construction.


1. We have two methods about DIY. One is drawing on the wall. Then construct as the drawing . the other one is construct according the mold.

2. choose the DIY drawing. Separate the drawing in different color. One color , one construction.

3. choose the materials according to your drawing. Construction according to the different color. Big area first then fill up the smaller color. You can use hands or plastic knife to fill up the smaller color, then make it smooth and deal with the particular and conner.

4. Mold construction is similar with the drawing construction. Put the drawing mold on the wall. Drawing and separate the color area according to the mold separation . Methods of construction is same as the drawing .Using environment

1, avoid contact with water place directly. 

2, In general environmental conditions, the humidity will not affect the YISENNI Wall Coating use.

It should be brush one waterproof material until YISENNI Wall Coating Wall Coating surface dry, such as the modified wax. 

Construction recommendations

Wall Coating design of dosage is 4.3-5.2 square meters per pack.  To reduce chromatic aberration caused by the construction that shall be mixing sufficient quantities. If not enough in use, add the rest material and fully mixed.




1, put YISENNI Wall Coating into large enough and clean, plastic container.

2, Adding about 3.5 kg warm water, and stir evenly.

3, Use clean, non-iron or other impurities water to avoid Wall Coating contaminated

4, The mixture should be placed at least 1 hour, stir again before use to ensure mixing even without agglomeration.

nice DIY coating

nice DIY coating

Roll coating:

1, Ensure the wall is clean, firm, dry and bottom must be white.

2, The mixture stick to the wall by hand or plastic spatula, and wipe open, then use special roller brush even (about 1-2 mm is appropriate). If there is imbalance or dry bare walls, spray warm water and supplemented the rest mixing properties, then roll flat.

3, Do not hurry to use up all the wet mixture you can place a long time. , it can be covered with wet towels in the container for the night.

4, When coating finished, it should take some time to dry, and ensure that the construction site clean to prevent dirt and rubbish stain the wall.

5, Fan can be used to speed up the air circulation, and increased the drying rate to reduce the wall surface significantly by contamination.


DIY Drawing with wall covering
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