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SHOW MY HOME : Packaging furniture by yourself. Cover the wall coating by yourself, decorative lovely home by yourself.


yisenni wall coating

Always ,we can see that in American movie, “every body of the family are busy for their new home. Decorative wall, hung photos, furniture. And so on. Laughing all time fill up in the new house. Miky said, decorate 50m2 home, she has the same feeling with the movie. Tired but happiness.

The shinning of Miky’s home is not the topic wall, but the covering on the wall. The stock cover is hung on the red wall. There are texture feel wall coating covered on the wall, they bought the wall coating from internet. Miky said, it’s very easy to cover the silk plaster. They bought it home, mixed with clean water. Then cover it on the wall with her lover. The tools bought with the coating. If you want to decorate your home beauty and fashion, you can try it.

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