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PRODUTS FEATURE OF YISENNI oriental coat “ fashionable artistic special wall finish materials

YISENNI-wall covering

Including the best enviromental protection conditions. Enjoy the health life.

Advanced choose material process and making workmanship, make  YISENNI oriental coat without harmfull materials. Make sure the human body safe and health

  1. without cracking, peal, forget your vexed.

Including Gorgeous color and relief surface . Show self style completely.

YISENNI oriental coat, compeletly changed the festival wall paints. Including the texture and feeling which is made by emulsion paint. Also conquer the weakness (strong and craze )of the wallpaper.

wall coating

wall coating

  1. simple construction and with out contaminate of interior space.

Simple construction and finish in one time. Without finshing, avoid inconvenient made by the dirst, noisy and clean.

Special seamline repair founction.

Remove the dirty wall coating which has wet by clean water. Put the new materials on the removed place. Make it smooth, then it combine with old coating perfect.

Simple and fast at second fitment

raw materials-yisenni wall coating

raw materials YISENNI

If the old wall is clean , smooth and white, and also keep the best water proofness. We can cover YISENNI oriental coat directly. Without any deal with the wall.

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