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More information about YISENNI wall coating– Best for your interior wall design

silk plaster

liquid wallpaper

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Why HUANWEI Wall Finish is better than any other Finishes?

* HUANWEI Wall Finish is a “DIY” product!

* HUANWEI Wall Finish is quick and easy to apply!

* HUANWEI Wall Finish is a natural, odourless material!

* HUANWEI Wall Finish makes NO JOINTS!

* HUANWEI Wall Finish is a very elastic material!

* HUANWEI Wall Finish is “READY TO USE”! Just add water

* HUANWEI Wall Finish hides uneven, old and faded walls.

* HUANWEI Wall Finish allows partial repair!

* HUANWEI Wall Finish is perfect for new building,NO CRACKS!

* HUANWEI Wall Finish is a long lasting material!

* HUANWEI Wall Finish is antistatic, does not repels DUST & DIRT!

* HUANWEI Wall Finish provides insulation of heat,moisture and sound!

* HUANWEI Wall Finish is permeable (allows walls to breathe)!

* HUANWEI Wall Finish is available in a large variety of natural and vibrant colours, shades and different textures!

* HUANWEI Wall Finish is a stainless Finishing material that gives an excellent Finish at a unique price!

YISENNI wall coating

silk plaster, liquid wallpaper

1. No offensive odor, no volatility and well-developed environment protecting capability
2. Free from cracking and peeling
3. Combination of bright colors and the unique texture to fully show individuality
4. Convenient application and free from polluting indoor environments
5. Unique seamless repair
6. Fast and convenient for renovation projects
7. Reduce sound rebounding and producing sound absorbing effect
8. Breathing automatically and regulating humidity in air

YISENNI WALL COATING  is easy to apply! DIY!
YISENNI WALL COATING is supplied in packets and ready for use! Just add water!
YISENNI WALL COATING easily hides uneven, old and faded walls, ceilings, partitions and cracks! It allows partially repairing of the wall.
YISENNI WALL COATING is very flexible material and can be applied on columns, pillars and any molded surfaces giving them natural flawless finish.

YISENNI oriental coat

YISENNI silk plaster, liquid wallpaper

YISENNI WALL COATING is perfect for new building; it will never crack while building shrinkage.
YISENNI WALL COATING is long lasting and durable material!
YISENNI WALL COATING is additional heat and sound insulation!
YISENNI WALL COATING is permeable (allows walls to breathe)
Silk Plaster is available in a large variety of natural and vibrant colors, shades and different textures!

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