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Best specification of YISENNI oriental coat




1. How does it last longer than paints and wallpapers?

 Answer : Our products JIQ time is 5 to 10 years. Wall face deal with the alkali-resistant primer, without sunshine. And without damaged by people, the wall surface can last to 10 years.  The time is same with the paints,

2.     Whether this product to be washable?

   Answer :  It there is duty on the surface of oriental coat . We can use vacuum sweeper to clean the surface. If there are some little blot, you can use the wet cloth to clean the surface. If you made oil on the wall coating surface, we can put some water on the oil place, after the place become solf, we can remove the place and cover the news. There without any seam after the wall dry.

3.     Can be applied on rough surface like texture paint (spray by air machine)?

Answer :   Our products can be applied on any smooth surface. For example : glass, marble, or the PU cardboard. ) including some coarse surface. Like concrete wall and texture paint, but you must increase the quantity of  material .  You also can do spray by air machine, If you do by air machine , the vast of material will be bigger. Our company have the specialized tools to construct the wall coating.

4.     Can be removed? How?



Answer:  Our products can be moved in anytime, you just need to put clean water on the place where you want to move, after the coating become soft. You can move it . If the material without dirty, you can reuse it.

    5.     Does it make any kind of allergies?
 Oriental coat  made of cotton fiber, xylogen, paper pulp, metal wire, metal pc, and hydrosol, without any parts of Chemical Substances. the Environmental conservation is the one of the best wall decorative materials in the international market.


6.     Which types of decorative plaster are used more often in living areas, in bedrooms for instance?

 Yisenni oriental coat  fit for TVSet back group, living room, bedroom, customer room, and in the corridor. (Different materials use for different area where you want to place the yisenni-wall coating. And also can used in hotel, the famous cloth store, beauty salon, gymnasium, KTV, and any kinds of club. Western  restaurant. And so on . 

8.     If we wish to change interior, is it possible to apply a new type of decorative plaster on top of the old one.

     You cannot use the new wolvcolor cover the old wall coating. But you can use yisenni wall coating on the old wall. You just make sure the wall without leak and the serious dirty, and clean the dust on the wall surface.



9.     Can be applied in a Bathrooms, nursery & children rooms, is it harmful to children?

  Yisenni oriental coat cannot use for bathroom, cause of there is so wet in the bathroom, Yisenni oriental coat  cannot be used for long time wet place. But it can be in children’s room and nursery, Yisenni oriental coat has the best environmental protection performance, without any kinds of harmful substance, We can use Yisenni oriental coat DIY some cartoon drawing on the wall. The children will like it very much.

10.  Can be used as crack filler?

   Yisenni oriental coat has unti-break function, If there are some little break on the wall, that will not affect the products. Yisenni oriental coat can cover the little break in the wall, The flexibility of yisennioriental coat is very well, cause of the materials including the cotton fiber.

11.  Does it require any solvent?

  Yisenni wall coating just need water to solvent, don’t solvent in any other kindly of solvent.

12.  Can be easily scratched?

   There are some metal wire in E D Y8 range products will have lightly fall off. But it cannot affect the products, the materials of wall coating very soft, not easy to be scratched. Just like wear a dress on the wall.

13. Can mold build on it?

You can DIY any kindly of drawing you like on the wall with yisenni wall coating. We can make drawing with mold. And also can be made by hand drawing. You just need to place the different color on where you drawing.

14.  Is there any warranty for it?

  yisenni wall coating need to keep in aeration-drying place. The material will not change if the package is not damaged.

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